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New book on Clare Market

The market in Clare is very old and it was once very much larger than the current Market Hill. Its story is told in a new 16-page illustrated pamphlet that explains its former extent. Infill buildings once ran down the middle of the A1092, including a market cross at the southern end. Open at ground level, the market cross’s upper floor served as the grammar school until the market was redeveloped in the 1830s, when the cross was taken down. And nearby is a building with a cellar with impressive gothic stone arches, a cellar about which much has been speculated. Why such costly imported stone, and what was its purpose? Although it was probably a merchant’s store and showroom, locals still imagine a secret tunnel to the Castle, or was it to the Church, or perhaps the Priory, even though trials have proved nothing.
On sale at the Museum, £2.50.

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